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Subject: Everybody's Allowed to Cum 8Chapter 8 - The girlfriendAfter my nap, after the threesome with Carol and Jane, Cindy arrived. Just
in time, and I knew I was ready for her. Funny enough, when I opened the
door for her, she saw, in the living room, Daddy fucking Lisa and Uncle
Alan fucking Laura. Laura, with our uncle's cock up her cunt, invited Cindy
to join:"Hey, Cindy, come here!"Cindy smiled, but refused:"No, thanks. Not tonight. Tonight I want your brother just for myself. If
you don't mind.""I Search Lolita Hussyfan do Search Lolita Hussyfan mind, but I forgive you, because I like the way you taste!"As we were going upstairs, we could hear Lisa:"Harder, uncle Ed! Fuck my pussy harder! Yes! Look, daddy, he's fucking me
with his big cock!"When Cindy and I got in my room, I closed the door. She sat on Search Lolita Hussyfan my bed and
looked Search Lolita Hussyfan
at me. Search Lolita Hussyfan Then she began:"Okay, we really need to talk.""Why?""There's something I have to tell you."I sat next to her."What? You can tell me anything.""Yeah, I know, it's just that... It's just that I don't... I mean, I
never... Well, I... I love you, Bobby. I really do.""I love you too, Cindy.""But I also love someone else. I didn't Search Lolita Hussyfan
plan this way, I never thought it
could happen, but then I realized that you're not the only one I love.""Okay. Who?""Judy."Well, yeah, they were very close."I see.""I just want to make it clear. I mean, I guess everybody knows, already. I
think everybody can realize that. It's not just sex, you know? We really
have something going on. I just love to be with her. Just like I love to be
with you. Of course, yes, the sex is fantastic, just like it's with you,
but... You know... There are more things in life than just sex. And I like
these things about her. And I like to share these things with her.""Okay. And?""And I want to keep seeing her. I mean, she feels the same way I do
and... You see, I also wanna keep seeing you. I don't want to give up on
you, or on her. I want you both.""Okay. I don't have any problem with that, I guess.""Really? I mean, I had to tell you. I think everybody realized, except for
you. Her brothers know. They realized, they saw me in her house every day
and, well, they put two and two together. Alison too.""Alison?""Yeah. I'm sure that's why she asked us, last night, to fuck, you know, the
ones you love. I think she knows. I think she wondered what would
happen. And that's why I called Judy.""Okay.""And I guess Search Lolita Hussyfan
she's falling for you, you know?""Judy?""Alison.""Really?""Yeah. I think she is. And I also think you really like her. You just kept
looking at her all the time, like if you were taking care of her, or
something. I don't know.""Me neither. I never thought that way.""Well... I don't wanna lose you, you know? But I don't wanna lose Judy
either.""Hey, Cindy, for me that's fine. I like Judy. I don't know her as well as
you do, of course, but... She's really great. Does she mind that you keep
seeing me?""No. No. Actually, that's another thing I wanted to tell you about. I'm
thinking of... Well, if I can't be just a couple anymore, I would like to
ask you to be part of a threesome. Kind of public. Of course, I don't
intend to tell my mother about it, but... You know, we could go out
together. The three of us.""For me, that's fine. I really don't have any problem with that."Cindy kissed me."Thanks, Bobby. You're the best. And, well, I would like to ask something
else, too.""What?""Judy said you two never... Well, got alone together. Just the two of
us. You fucked her, all right, but just in orgies.""Yeah, that's true.""I would really like to have you two fucking alone. You know, spending a
night together and all. So you can really know each other. Orgies are nice,
but too distractive. I want you two alone. I want to share you with her,
and I want to share her with you. You know, that's how much I love you
two.""Thanks. I understand what you're saying and, if she's okay with that, I
would love it!"Cindy smiled:"I'm sure you would! Don't worry, she loved the idea, too. I guess I have a
pretty good taste when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends. I just chose
the best.""Thanks. So it's a date. Your girlfriend and I.""Just the two of you. And, later, another day, another night, I don't know,
I... Well, I would like to enjoy my lovers.""Oh. You're really smart, aren't you?""Of course! That's why you both love me!"Cindy kissed me again. Of course, I loved the idea. There was nothing wrong
if Cindy was falling for Judy, I guess. Why should I be upset? I can't
compete with a girl, I don't have a pussy. All I have is a nice ass, that's
all. And Cindy Search Lolita Hussyfan was free to love whoever she wanted. That didn't make me
love her any less. I guess I could accept that.But, what she said about Alison really stayed on my mind. Was it true? Was
Alison falling for me? And was I falling for her? I didn't think so, but,
strangely enough, when Cindy said it, it didn't seem absurd.I didn't want to think about it in that moment, so I kissed Cindy
again. And she said:"Thanks Bobby. And, well, and it's been so long that you and I spent some
time alone..."I kissed her again. And started to remove her shirt. Cindy wanted the same
thing I wanted, and so she removed my shirt. She started to play with my
cock when I opened her bra. When I saw her breasts, it was so obvious that
I wanted to suck them... Cindy always liked to have her tits sucked, so I
got my lips around her right nipple."Oh, suck it, Bobby. Yes! Hm, boy, that's why I love you! You know how to
suck my tits."But I didn't suck her tits for long, cause Cindy removed my pants. Soon, I
was nude, and Cindy started a handjob that, I knew, would soon become a
blowjob. But that was not fair. I asked her:"Come on, Cindy, I also want to see you naked."She looked at her pants, and removed them. She got as naked as I, and she
looked always looked so good. Then she got her hand around my cock again
and asked me:"So? Satisfied?""No, not yet. But maybe, in a couple of hours.""I'll see what I can do about it."She licked my cockhead. And said:"That's something I love that Judy doesn't have."And then Cindy got my cockhead in her mouth, while her tongue moved fast
over it. Then she sucked it. Than she took it from her mouth and licked my
cock. All of it. And she said:"So big...""Suck it, Cindy. Just a little more.""Don't worry about it, Bobby. Judy told me she loved to suck your cock, you
know?""Really? Well, I loved the blowjob she done.""I'm sure you did, dear. I'm sure you," she licked my cockhead, "did. Let
me see if I can do it as well as her."Cindy sucked my cock. And she was good on it, there's no doubt about
that. She really was. I wouldn't say that she was better than Judy, or even
as good as Judy, but Cindy had a charm that was special. Her own. And Judy
had hers. As far as I was concerned, I could live very well being sucked by
both of them."Suck it, Cindy! Yes, suck my whole cock! Your mouth's so wet, Cindy! Lick
it, lick my peehole. Suck my cock, oh yes! All of it! Relax your throat,
yes! Oh, Cindy!""Fuck me, Bobby! I wanna feel it in my pussy, deep in my pussy, put it all,
all inside of me. Now! Please."We got on the bed and I pushed my cock into her wonderful and lovely
cunt. And, as always, her pussy welcomed my cock. Cindy was not only hot,
she was also wet. My cock entered her so easily."Oh, Bobby, this feels so good! Fuck me, dear, fuck my little cunt with
your big cock!""Take it, Cindy! Take it inside your cunt! Can you feel it?""Yes, Bobby, and it feels so good! Fuck me good!""You were right, dear, that's something Judy doesn't have!""And it's so big! And hard! Fuck it, Bobby, fuck me silly! Oh, Bobby, I
love you, that's it! Kiss me, Bobby!"I kissed her. My girlfriend. While my cock was fucking her wet pussy. Her
tongue entered my mouth like she was crazy or something. I didn't mind,
actually I loved it, and my tongue licked all the insides of her mouth. And
her own tongue.She licked my chin and said:"God, I'm close! I can't believe I'm gonna cum already! Keep fucking me,
Bobby, don't stop, don't ever stop!""Already?""Yes, I'm close! God, move your cock inside my pussy, Bobby! Oh, this feels
so good! Don't stop, my God! Kiss me, Bobby, kiss me again! Now!"We kissed. I started to massage one of her breasts, just to help her to
feel good."Oh, Bobby!"I kissed her again. Her body was moving like she was possessed. I knew what
that meant: Cindy was having an orgasm.As Cindy was cumming, I didn't stop fucking her. I just slowed down, a
little, to let her enjoy her own sensations, but I wasn't crazy to stop. I
kept kissing her. Until she stopped the kissing and said:"Thanks, Bobby. That was great!""Don't thank me, you're also responsible for your own orgasms.""I know, but even so... Thanks. Now I want to change.""Oh? Any ideas?""Just one. Cock in my ass."Well, of course I loved that idea as much as she did! So I smiled. she got
on her fours, and said:"Go on, dear. Push it."My cock was still hard, since I had not cum yet, so it was easy. Her ass
was inviting as always."Oh, Cindy, now I see how much I've missed it.""I love it too, Bobby! Deep in my ass! Oh, shit, this feels so good! Fuck
me, Bobby! Fuck my ass, I wanna cum again! And again!""Take it, dear. Take my hard cock up your ass!""So good, Bobby! Yes, Bobby, keep going! Oh, my! Yes! Your cock's
fantastic, you know? Just fucking fastastic! Keep going, Bobby, in and out
my ass!"I moved my hand and started to play with her wet pussy. Just to make her
feel even better."Oh, yes, Bobby, this is so good! Move your finger, dear, come on! Oh, my
clit! Fuck my ass! Oh, I love to take it in my ass! It turns me on so much,
Bobby!""I know what you're talking about.""I know you do, my dear bifriend. I know you do. Oh, shit, it is so big!
Don't stop!""You have a great ass, Cindy!""I know, dear, and I love Search Lolita Hussyfan your cock in it!""What about Judy? And her fingers? Does she fingerfuck your ass?""Oh, yes, all the time! She fingerfucks my ass and lick my butt. And then
she Search Lolita Hussyfan
licks my asshole, and gets her tongue deep inside of it. But not as
deep as you, Bobby!""And do you like when she fingerfucks and licks your ass?""Oh, I just love it! Are you kidding me? I cum and cum like crazy!""That's my girl!""Oh, yes, Bobby, I'm yours, fuck my ass! So good, so great! Move your
fingers, Bobby! On, my clit, on my clit! Shit, this is the best! I love you
so much!"I was going fast, in her ass. No doubt about that. She was my girlfriend,
and I knew what she liked. How she liked to take it in the ass. Her butt
was beautiful, yes, but the best thing was that her asshole was perfect for
my cock. And, of course, her cunt was wet and hot, as fingerfucked it. Yes,
Cindy was liking it. And so was I.Then I felt her hand over mine. Together, both of our hands were working on
her pussy, which was great, since I could feel my hand between her hot cunt
and her hot hand!"Oh, Bobby, you're driving me crazy! Don't stop, don't stop! That's what
Judy does't have, her fingers don't go so deep, her dildoes are not as
good! The real stuff is the best! Fuck me with your meat, Bobby! Fuck my
ass!""It's all for you, Cindy! Take it!""Have you ever fucked Judy in the ass?""No, not yet.""Oh, she's going to love it so much! She'll love it, Bobby, just like me!
Yes! And you'll love it Search Lolita Hussyfan too, you know? She had a great ass, I love to run
my tongue all over her butt!""I'm sure I'll do, Search Lolita Hussyfan Cindy! I'm sure her ass is fantastic!""And her big tits will move as you fuck her ass so hard! I love her tits!
So big and tasty.""Yes, she has great tits! But I love your body too, you know?""So fuck it, Bobby! Prove you love this body by fucking it! Hard! Making me
cum!"Of course, her body was good enough for me to cum in it. For the next
seconds, we just moaned, enjoying the sex. I Search Lolita Hussyfan was enjoying her ass, she was
enjoying my cock and finger, we were really doing it. Our rhythm was
perfect, she certainly knew how to move that ass of hers. And I could not
complain."Oh, Cindy, that's so good!""I'm getting close, Bobby! Close to cum! Again, Keep fucking me! Yes, shit!
Are you close too?""Yes, Cindy! Yes! I'll cum deep in your ass!""No, Bobby! No. Stop it! Stop it! Oh, shit, I'm starting to regret my own
idea. Okay, let's change. Let me ride you. Fuck my pussy again, make me cum
with your cock in my pussy, that's how I want to cum, now! Not with
fingers, not now. I want the best meat you have up my cunt! Come on, I go
on top."And on top she went. When I felt my cockhead entering her wonderful pussy,
I knew I wouldn't last long. But, thank God, that wouldn't be
necessary. Cindy was close too.Close, yes, but also impatient. She started to move really fast, which was
great, I was feeling good, and her tits were bouncing. I touched them, and
I ran my fingers over her hard nipples."Yes, Bobby, go on, play with my nipples! Play with my tits! Oh, shit, it
goes so deep, Bobby, this is wonderful! My God, I feel great, this is
great! Sex is great, and sex with you is even better! Better, come on,
Bobby! Oh, my! Shit! Play with my tits!""You fuck me so well, Cindy! So well! Yes, go on, dear, move your hips,
yes! Oh, shit, are you close?""Almost, Bobby. Almost. Just a little more, please wait, wait for me, I
wanna cum too!""Go on, Cindy! Go on! Let me know when you're about to... Oh, shit, yes!
Tell me, Cindy, do you sit on Judy's face?""Are you kidding me? All the time! I love it, and she loves it too! But now
I'm concentrating on you, Bobby! Oh! Yes! And you'll have lots of fun with
her in a couple of days, so just try to make me cum!""I'm trying, Cindy! I'm trying!""And you're succeeding on it, Bobby! Oh, my, yes! Deeper, Bobby, deeper!
Stop it, I wanna feel it as deep as I can!"And so she had all my cock inside her pussy."Oh, Cindy!""So much, Bobby! So much of a cock in my cunt! Yes, this is the best! Love
it."And she started to move her hips again. It was really a one last time to
rest, now I could see in her eyes that she wanted to cum! And I had my
hands on her breasts."Cindy, yes! Yes! This Search Lolita Hussyfan makes me feel so right, Cindy! So right! Go on,
dear! Don't stop now, don't stop!""Oh, Bobby! Oh! I can't believe it! I can't believe how hard I'm gonna cum!
Yes! Bobby, yes!""Faster, Cindy, please, faster!""Don't worry! Bobby! Oh, my! Shit!"Cindy moved her body. Fast. My cock was still in her cunt when her tongue
entered my mouth. I kissed her deeply. And so did she. Yes, we were both
close, too close, actually. But what could we do, we loved to fuck, we
loved to kiss, and we both loved the feeling that we were both having at
that moment.Cindy broke the kiss just to yell:"Cumming!"And she kissed me, and I came when I felt her tongue in my mouth again.As we were kissing, my cock was still in her cunt. We were enjoying the
last moments of the sex. I was caressing her lovely butt, which is
something to do after your girlfriend just came.We kissed until my cock became limp. But we kissed again that night. She
slept in my bed, with me. Like lovers do.Next: How many fingers do you have up my ass, daddy?
I hope you liked it. Of course, all comments are welcome, I just love
feedback and it means a lot to me. For those who already wrote, thanks
again. For those who didn't, please write to
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